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Research Activity:

  1. Number of NIHR portfolio trials since 2010
    1. commercial interventional & observational trials: EMPHASIS –HF, IMROVE-IT, PARADIGM-HF, S-FLEX, ORION-IV, AEGIS-II, Heritage
    2. non-commercial observational and interventional trials: RAPID-CTCA, SUPPORT HF-II, EVAREST-I, EVAREST –II, EUROASPIRE-V, ADIPOREDOX, ORFAN-1, ORFAN-4, NOAH-AFNET, EURO-observational Research Programme – NSTEMI registry, TARGET-CTCA, Cardiac-Care, Cari-Health, ACRE-CTA.
  1. Original own account studies NIHR portfolio listed: (HYBRID, VECTRA-CEB project on 4 separate modules, CHESS – project)
  1. Original own account studies Non-NIHR portfolio listed (FINESSE, CCTA- CCAA, ACTIVE-LVOT study, CCTA-Extra-cardiac findings audit, Myocarditis-ECHO study, HCM-deformation imaging study)

Research Grants: 

  1. Research grant in 2018 of £100k from Sense Research Foundation Boston USA to support the CHESS  project as the sole CI/PIClinicalTrials.gov Id: NCT03448861 
  1. Collaborative NIHR Accelerated Research Fund with Oxford and Leeds 1.4M of which 175k is MK support over 3 years, 
  1. NIHR AI Accelerated Award phase 2 with Oxford and Caristo, has recently been awarded (to be announced in June by the Secretary of State for health and Social Care (440k), 
  1. BBSCR submitted Grant application with Cranfield University and UCL ” EchoPatch: An Artificial Intelligence-powered adhesive patch-based echocardiography technology” (250k). 

Teaching As for the higher academic degrees at MKUH in cardiovascular research:

  1. FC (EoE registrar rotation) as a MPhil student registered with UoB jointly supervised by prof Clapham and recently by Prof. Zaibi (2017-20).
  1. UI (EoM registrar rotation) PhD student for 2 years (registered at University of Leicester), 
  1. MSc student in Engineering at Cranfield University co-supervising in studies AI in cardiac imaging – US, May – July 2021) 
  1. Other joint registered MSc in Cardiology student (Surrey University cardiology SpR) in 2019.