Cardiovascular News

Anticoagulation with Edoxaban in Patients with Atrial High-Rate Episodes

Device-detected atrial high-rate episodes (AHREs) are atrial arrhythmias detected by implanted cardiac devices. AHREs resemble atrial fibrillation but are rare and brief. Whether the occurrence of AHREs in patients without atrial fibrillation (as documented on a conventional electrocardiogram [ECG]) justifies the initiation of anticoagulants is not known. Please take a look at the full article…

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The Use and Efficacy of FFR-CT

There is a new release showing the reduced value of CT-FFR in chest pain assessment published as a pre release in JACC-Cardiovascular Imaging. The article can be found here.

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New research on percutaneous coronary intervention

There is an excellent video available on the NEJM. The video summarises new research findings on whether percutaneous coronary intervention when added to optimal medical therapy can improve outcomes in patients with severe ischemic left ventricular systolic dysfunction is unknown. Please click here to visit.

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