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Dr. Ahmed Salem

M.B.B. Ch

Cardiology Registrar (ST6) and Clinical Research Fellow
Thames Valley Deanery

Special Interests:
Coronary intervention


I’m currently a final year PhD student at Swansea University, and a cardiology registrar at John Radcliff Hospital.

My short-term goal is to secure an interventional cardiology fellow post and get good exposure to varies coronary interventions to gain the needed competence in the intervention field.

My intermediate plans are to gain more skills and practical knowledge in the field of clinical cardiology, to complete my professional development and gain CCT.

My long-term goal is to pursue a career as a cardiology academic interventionist, conducting clinically oriented studies, passing on the knowledge on to the next generation, with involvement in quality improvement programmes to maximize safety, minimize risks and to achieve the best possible care for patients.


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