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Dr Yifan Zhao

PhD, MSc, BEng

Reader in Data Science
Cranfield University

Special Interests:
Artificial Intelligence of medical images


Dr Yifan Zhao received his PhD degree from the University of Sheffield in 2007. He also has MSc and BEng degrees from the Beijing Institute of Technology, China. He has over 18 years of experience in image/signal processing, computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) for complex systems. His work supports applications in healthcare such as ultrasound image processing, optical coherence tomography image analysis and electroencephalogram data analysis for brain-related disorders. Related research grants include ‘Fuel Coach’ (BEIS, PI, EEF8037, £650K), The Learning Camera’ (Innovate UK, PI, 104794, £275k) and One Source of Truth’ (Innovate UK, 105881, £675k) to investigate how AI and computer vision can improve the productivity and reduce energy consumption in the construction sector. In ‘SecureUltrasound’ (EPSRC, Co-I, ‘EP/R013950/1, £1m) he focused on image analysis for evaluating and improving ultrasound image quality. In ‘CogShift’ (EPSRC, Co-I, ‘EP/N012089/1, £1.6m), he led the research on characterising driver behaviour using computer vision and AI. He also extended his data science expertise to electronic industry in the Lloyd Registration Foundation-funded project ‘RECBIT’ (PI, GA\100113, £250k) to investigate how AI can distinguish counterfeit electronic components. He has produced 110 peer-reviewed journal papers, more than 30 conference papers, 3 book chapters and 3 patents.