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Professor Blaine Price

BA, BSc, MSc

Professor of Computing
The Open University
Honorary Researcher
Milton Keynes University Hospital

Special Interests:
Digital Health Applications
Applications of Machine Learning


Blaine began his academic career in Canada with degrees from Queen’s University and the University of Toronto. His temporary visit to the Open University in 1991 eventually became permanent as he helped transform the university from paper and postal distance teaching to Internet based delivery.

In the 2010s Blaine was awarded numerous EPSRC grants and Principal and Co-Investigator and he increasingly moved the research focus from studying privacy of mobile, wearable and ubiquitous computing technology to the applications for health and wellbeing. In 2013 his work was featured on a BBC Horizon TV program and in 2017 he was promoted to Professor of Computing.

Blaine’s current research takes a multidisciplinary approach to solving digital health problems in areas such as Cardiology, Orthopaedics, Physiotherapy, and Mental Health.